Luke Escombe presents: Leon Bozanich (aka Grindhowl Screech) - Inevitable Scars from a Reckless Existance

by Grindhowl Screech



I met Leon Bozanich (aka Grindhowl Screech) in the little town of green Brushes, about three hours south-east of Perth. He was hitchhiking at the side of the freeway. I gave him a lift into nearby Bridgetown, where I was playing at the annual Blues Festival, and he gave me this CD in return. He described to me how he'd recorded it on a "hot pink" guitar a mate of his had found in a hock shop, the only other accompaniment to his voice being his motorcycle boot stomping on the asbestos floor of the farm house in which he was lodging.

My rental car had no CD player so I had to wait till I returned to Sydney to listen to Leon's album. I fell in love with it immediately. It's not every day you hear something so raw, honest, energetic and compelling. "Inevitable Scars" tells of a life hard-lived, of tragedy and self-inflicted pain, but also survival.

A few days later I spoke with Leon on the phone and told him how much I loved his album (he'd written his mobile number in the liner notes). I asked his permission to post the album online, so others could hear it, and hopefully donate some money to download it, which I could pass on to him. He was grateful to know someone was listening, and he spoke at length about his 62 years on this earth, about the horrors he'd seen and endured, but also about hope, resilience and love. In my eyes he's a true outsider artist, a lone, powerful voice howling out of the dark wilderness. Listen to his songs and his incredible voice and hear for yourself.

I'll leave the final words to Leon:

"I'm trying to give some kind of positive outlook, a speck of light on a black canvas. When we're young we all think we're 10 feet tall, we don't realise we're bleeding till we look down and see the blood on our own clothes. I've had the worst of the worst, but it hasn't broken my spirit. Yes I've got scars, but you don't get scars without healing. So show your scars, don't be ashamed of em"

[All proceeds from downloads of this record will go to Leon Bozanich]


released November 18, 2016

Written, performed and recorded live by Leon Bozanich (aka Grindhowl Screech)



all rights reserved


Luke Escombe Sydney, Australia

Soaked in the spirit of the old bluesmen but with a lyrical style born of the internet age, Luke Escombe's songs are raw, raucous, subversive and funny.

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